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  • Awkward Bible stuff

    Earlier this year we foolishly decided to have a conversation over what to look at on Sunday mornings and what stories we might like to visit. I say foolishly because we ended with all the hard stuff. Noah and God's merciless massacre of the planet, Abraham and Sarah having their heads messed with by God, and we've just looked at Samson.

    But I loved it. We have ended up with more questions than answers, but that's what we are like. If you want someone to just tell you the answers, you're better off going to a different church community. Because one of the things I love about the Old Testament is that very often it just tells you the story, and you have to work out the theology. Which is what we've been trying to do. The story of Samson is great, partly because he was such a rubbish holy man. A great, swaggering, fighting, witty, passionate man. I love the Good New version when in Judges 14 he says. "If you hadn't been ploughing with my cow, you wouldn't know the answer now". Brilliant.

    I love this picture of Samson and Delilah by Lieberman, I think mainly because it's so real. They both look like real people, the light is very ordinary, and it kind of roots the story into real, complicated, unbalanced relationships we all have. It's always worth digging a bit into the internet past the obvious images linked to Bblical stroies as there's some great pictures out there. Like story itself, pictures like this help you just open up to the story and think what it's all about. It's great.




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