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  • Christian Country?

    Being a good Baptist I think church and state are an incompatible relationship. When Mr Cameroon speaks about Britain being a Christian country I don't think he helps anyone's case. Whether he causes division I don't know, apart from perhaps people who foam at the mouth about what others believe, be they theistic or not. I suppose it depends on how he defines a Christian Country, but until we beat our swords into ploughshares, have no need for food banks, ensure people are paid a living wage, welcome the stranger, and treat all people within society as being of value, then I think the words Christian and country should not be put together.

    And as a p.s. we know from experience that any government that enforces an ideology, be it faith-based or political, ends up oppressing its people and imprisoning (or worse) those who think differently. Not particularly Christ-like by my understanding. We've seen it in this country a few centuries back and all over the world still.

    Happy eastertide!




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