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    We've been experimenting with spiritual fayres over the last year or so and they've been going very well, even if we say so ourselves. The weather has been good, which helped, as one of the best places to be has been outside in the tent reading the paper. During the days there's been lots of opportunities to explore your spiritual side. We've had a lot of people come along and try some of these out. A previous blog outlines some of the things, or you can take a look at

    What keeps striking me is that again and again, God speaks through ordinary people. Too often we are told that only certain people can impart divine wisdom, only the 'priest' has the sacred knowledge which (usually) he will impart to the spiritually dim. The days showed that God can, and does, speak through any or all of us. Whether it was through showing hospitality and welcome or some of the more obvious 'spiritual' activities like prayer or meditation, we experienced that all of us are spiritual and all of us can share something of God's love and grace.

    In the more ancient past communities looked to the abbeys and monasteries as places where you could meet someone who was in touch with the divine. Times have changed and, with the fading of Christendom, perhaps it is time for the church and the faith to be reclaimed by the people, like it was when it all began. My dream is that people will not look to the priest, but to the community of believers, and see in them all, something of the divine. Whether that is through prayer and wisdom, action to make the world a better place or just being a place of welcome and acceptance.

    I hope for us at Chelmsley Wood, we are learning a bit more about being a community of faith, as well as grown in our confidence to share God's grace and love with each other and with those around us.




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Neil (the minister) occasionally gets round to blogging so welcome to the trivia and ramblings of an erratic stream of consciousness.

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