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  • Easter

    Where they expected to find the end of a story, a lifeless and cold body, they found the beginning of a new story. Where death and failure had seemed to win, they found hope and life.

    You can run through all the scientific arguments, try to raionalise it all you like, but what our faith boils down to, and it is faith, is this: Jesus is alive.

    And if Jesus is alive then a whole new world opens up to us because it means

    \we have a hope that death will not win, not now nor ever

    that life can break into the darkest situation and our darkest days

    that we are not alone

    that there is life to be lived now and beyond death.

    Easter is an invitation to life.

    If Lent is about growing in our faith, Eastertide is about diving headlong into life.

    And this life brings transformation to us, our communities and our world.

    Change your story, change our world, live God's life, grace and forgiveness.




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Welcome to the blog

Neil (the minister) occasionally gets round to blogging so welcome to the trivia and ramblings of an erratic stream of consciousness.

Because we try to be properly Baptist, these views aren't necessarily the views of everyone who is part of the church family here.

We're not even sure they're Neil's.

Either way, we try not to fall out over it.

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