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  • Epiphany

    Christmas is done. We've had our final listen to Wham's 'Last Christmas' and it will be easier to avoid Michael Booblay for the next 11 months. It was our 12th Night party tonight and we had a bit of a church family get together, left over food, crown making, a few stories, songs and reflections. Whilst I enjoy Christmas, it is an extended, full on, party season and does go on a bit. Also, you find the Christians go on about keeping Christ at the centre of it all, but I don't know how they manage to, there's so much going on. And the stuff going on is good stuff too, the kind of stuff Jesus enjoyed; parties, meeting people, reminding people that they are remembered and special. It's all good, but difficult to keep the piety going. Even Jesus wouldn't want someone going on at him about the 'true meaning of Christmas' while he's trying to see if anyone put any good wine on the party table. So enjoy Christmas, enjoy the parties, and don't make everyone sing In the bleak midwinter at parties. The time to get all religious is after Christmas Day, once the season has begun.

    What I love about doing Christmas the right way round is that it does put Christ in the right place. Not as a party pooper, but as the centre, as the founder of the feast, as the light that suddenly sparks up into the darkness. On the twelfth night we have a (relatively) quiet family gathering. The church family get together, a bit partied out perhaps, and we remind ourselves of the story and bring all the previous couple of weeks back into the story. Epiphany rounds it all off and brings it back to the story of Christ. And it's all golden, and rich (leftover) food, and warmth. And the story couldn't be a better one to start off the new year.

    Like the Magi, we have gazed upon the infant Christ and now off we go, journeying into the new year, a new life, knowing that what we have seen and experienced points to a new order and can carry us through whatever the year may hold.

    Happy new year everyone, and blessing to you.




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