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    It's all meant to be fun isn't it. Bucket lists and credit cards and easy access to stuff we want. Normally at this point the sermonising kicks in and we're told, No. It is not meant to be fun. It is meant to be difficult, and a narrow path, and self-denial.

    I get all that (and agree to point), but I can't help feeling that it should be fun as well. And I think most of the church do as well, they just aren't always good at showing it.

    I'm not going to argue a theology of fun here or say how Jesus would often dress up in a comedy wig and have a hilarious night out on the town wearing a t-shirt saying 'WWID'. Instead I'm going to gripe a bit about how it's not been fun. The last few months (plus) have been quite hard work, getting money together, co-ordinating refurbishments and temporary homes and all that, alongside keeping business as usual going. It has been hard and I feel that I (and we as a church family) perhaps haven't had as much fun as is good for us. It's all been a bit serious, and I've had to be a grown up, meeting with people who know what they're doing and who look like they made an effort to look professional, and who sit at meetings, competent and efficient. (It was pointed out to me by a friend how, during a particular meeting, I had slowly sunk down in my chair until I was almost level with the table because I was so bored and not very good at covering it up).

    Actually, on reflection, meeting with all these all these grown ups has been kind of interesting and fun sometimes. Some of them are my age so I've asked them what it's like to be doing a proper job and having skills and things like that (they looked at me a bit odd when I asked, but I want to know). I can't remember their answers but it has been an experience seeing what you're meant to be like when you're grown up. On the less fun side, it's been budgets and 'No, we haven't got any money left, you can't do it' and leases and memorandums and negotiations and people (well, solicitors) paid an hourly rate that is virtually the same as my weekly rate....... Sorry, I sank below the table for a moment then.

    I have learnt to swear more, not a particularly good skill to develop in my job, but overall it's been more work than fun. I've missed being able to knock ideas around and shoot the breeze with people, I've missed being able to work with people and come up with random ideas for activities or groups, work out it can't be done and then do it anyway. It's been depressing being in a grey, roller shuttered environment that seems shut down, even when everything is open, where people don't like going at night and bad things have happened.

    But Christmas is coming, and Christmas brings the gift of new life and new beginnings (and hopefully some good presents as well, see my Amazon list, I'd love the Blake's 7 boxed set). We return home to the community centre next week and have to do grown up things like cleaning and sorting and troubleshooting and sorting out gas supplies and phone lines and....... sorry, I sank below the table again. But!! Once that's done, we are back on, although there is a good chunk of fundraising still to be done. But I suspect there will be a heap more fun starting up again.

    In fact it already has, Ronnie, a local artist has begun a community 'Gallery in the Wood', cartooning all the passersby onto the hoardings outside, which is a bit random. Whilst we've been in exile a stone carving group has been born who are going to base themselves at our place, which is groovy. And, as far as we know, all our friends, scattered for the last few months will return and the place will ring with community choirs singing, kids shouting, dinners cooking, coffee bubbling, offices buzzing, the smell of paint as artists work, the colour of film shows shining, the clicking of the new knitting group, and, I'm sure, there will be heavenly voices singing over us.

    We're going home, and it's going to be fun.




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