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  • Good Friday

    The crucifixion is a well worn story, and we see crosses all around us, nice smooth gold, ornate and ornamental, hanging from ears, worn as badges. The cross is a neat, clean icon. But on Good Friday, we remember the real significance of it. We remember the brutality, the horror, and the evil of it. And we recognise that we are part of that story, part of the horror, part of the evil. When we choose to turn away from good, to ignore evil, to go our own way, we hammer another nail into the cross.

    So today, we acknowledge our part. We acknowledge that it was not for other people, for those worse than me, today we acknowledge that Jesus died for me. The cross is a symbol of sacrifice and in that great act God identifies with all the evil and suffering that our world faces, that we face, that I face, that you face.

    Last night we remembered how the disciples turned their back on Jesus. How we turn or back on Jesus. It wasn’t comfortable.

    Today we remember our part in hanging Jesus on the cross.

    We believe,

    although everything hides you from our faith.

    We believe,

    although everything shouts No! to us.

    We believe,

    although everything may seem to die.

    We believe we have founded our life on a sincere word,

    on the word of a Friend,

    on the word of God.

    We believe, although we feel alone in pain.

    We believe, although we see people hating.

    We believe, although we see children weep,

    because we have learnt with certainty

    that he comes to meet us in the hardest hours with his love and his light.

    We believe, lead us to worship and increase our faith.

    The cross is God’s great No to death, to evil, to oppression. The cross begs to differ with the forces that seek to pull us down and destroy life and love. Entropy and darkness have not, and will not win.

    But that No came at a price, God’s own Son, God himself, had to say that no. No-one else could. The creator had to enter the creation and be a part of it, be a part of the cycle of life and death, in order to break that, in order to bring life from of it. Today life and death face each other … and death appears to win. So, as Christ stood with us, so today we have a choice, to choose life, however things may look, even if it seems that death and evil have won.

    Take some time today to hold, and be held by God

    The prayer above, I’ll try and find the author and credit them.




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