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  • Lenten

    It is traditional to give stuff up for Lent. Being a very traditional kind of person, I've taken a few things up. The main two are to learn to meditate and to learn the banjo, although not at the same time.

    I haven't started on the banjo thing yet, although do have a banjo. The meditation I have started working on, although I do find it difficult to sneak off and be still. I'm trying to find a way that fits me, so I'm trying to use music and not worry too much about sitting in medieval buildings nor sit cross legged. Ask me a in a few weeks if I'm getting the hang of it. Lent is meant to be a time of spiritual exercise, so I guess stretching myself is part of the general idea.

    I've also tried reading poetry. I don't really do poetry. I think I'm too impatient, and want them to get to the point. With poetry you're meant to savour each word but I'm always rushing ahead to the next bit and having to go back to check what I didn't just read. I should like poetry because I love symbol and imagery, I see the power of story and picture. But poetry, I just find it a bit waffly.

    But I've tried it again. And it knocked me for six. My brother in law gave me a book by Paul Farley for my birthday and I saved it for the season. I read the first poem, The Power, and it stunned me. I had to just stop at that point, I couldn't read on. Since then I've carried on into the book but haven't revisited the first poem because I'm too scared. My soul is still vibrating from it and I don't want that to stop yet. Perhaps it hit the same pitch as my spirit, like a singer and a glass, I don't know. I will revisit it but not yet. That's a bit wierd isn't it?

    I would recommend it, but you might just wonder what I'm going on about.

    But then, that wouldn't be the first time.




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