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  • Life's too precious....

    I’ve been trying to write a blog since Sunday but don’t really know where to begin. To have someone killed opposite the church door affects you on every level. I decided there’s no point doing a 45 minute sermon on the evils of this world. If you want to find the details of the fatal stabbing you can do so on the news websites, and if you want the latest rumours, they’re on Facebook.

    What has stayed with me is the tragedy within tragedy, for a man to be killed, for someone to feel the need to kill him. The losses are many. Lance has lost his life. His family and friends will never meet up with him for brandy or banter. If convicted, another young man will go into prison and come out a middle aged man, missing the prime of his adult life.

    What a waste. I’ve seen the people gathering to pay their respects, some of them I know, others I’ve seen around. The tragedy is that Lance is not unusual, more of our community will lose their lives one way or another, through death or through the living death of the kind of lifestyle that leads to this. I pray that what happened on Sunday morning will perhaps be a cross roads for some, to escape a sub-culture that results in this and begin to live life

    Life is too precious to bleed it into the pavement of some run-down shopping parade on a housing estate. Lance didn’t deserve that, no-one does.

    I pray for peace for the bereaved family and friends, peace for the man arrested and his family, and peace for our community.




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