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  • Maundy Thursday

    We had our Maundy Thursday meal yesterday. A time to remember, to relive and to be part of the story once more. Passover, and our own Last Supper, are a sign, a sign of something that binds us together, something to do with friendship, but something much deeper.

    It marks us as a people with a shared story. A people who together have been chosen and saved by God. To speak of being saved may seem a bit dated in our culture, perhaps because the phrase has been overused, or misused, by the church. But we all need saving none of us are sorted.

    Our faith, our God, doesn’t want us to wallow in despair and self-hate, but does want us to be honest, about who we are and what we have done. If we look at our own life, our own relationships, the way we have behaved, the way we will behave, we know that we are not perfect. Salvation isn’t just about putting right what is wrong in our past, it is also preventative, to help us not make the same mistakes, to find healing for our broken souls and community.

    Salvation is about putting us back into a right relationship, with God, with other people, and with ourselves.

    If we consider what is wrong with us, we are likely to find we are no better and no worse than most other people. It may be arrogance, selfishness, gossip, secret delight in others failings. It may to do with money, power or sex.

    But these are just the symptoms. Salvation seeks to heal us at the root, the reason we behave like this, to cure what it is that oppresses our very soul and causes us to be unloving, or selfish, or self-seeking, to not care about other people or ourselves.

    At the first Passover God rescued his people, who he loved dearly, despite their failings. At the first Passover God rescued his people from the oppressor. That is what Passover seeks to set us free from, that is why Easter.

    So on that night we also remember. On that night we enter into the story again.

    But we also remember that it is not the whole story, tonight we leave the place unsettled, unhappy and we continue the story on Good Friday.




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