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    Sorry, should have posted this back in November,

    Whilst I kind of like the big stories of might and power, and the showstopping action of God breaking in and making the sun stand still, or whatever, I’m more drawn to the quiet stories, where Jesus steps into some very ordinary lives.

    Here’s one:

    Jesus heals Simon’s mother in law – Mark 1: 29 – 31

    If we look at this, and other stories we know, we see different ways that God reaches in, different ways that hearts are healed. This is a tiny incident in the midst of some big stuff, major healings, demons exorcised. And then this, a story of quiet, domestic, family things, that no-one else noticed while Jesus went about his business. It’s a short little story, 3 verses, but part of a life changing message. Jesus goes back with Simon and Andrew, Simon’s mother-in-law is unwell, Jesus helps her up and the fever goes.

    The end.

    No-one’s going to make a film out of that one, not even Peter Jackson.

    Jesus comes in. Things are right. The end.

    But I doubt if they stayed right for ever. Who knows, she have caught a fever the next winter, or it may have come back a few days later. But wherever Jesus went, bad stuff retreated. This may be your story, quiet, domestic, no major trauma or drama, just Jesus coming in and bad stuff quietly going out. It’s how God finds us in the ordinariness of life, it’s how he can quietly transform us, where we are and who we are. I love it.




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