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    Busy week so far, lots of meetings, not my favourite pastime, but talking is a significant part of the process. Working things out, building a vision together, finding solutions, always done better together. What constantly impresses me about where I live is the hope and the drive and the sense of the community. Yes, we have our problems, but then what area and what community doesn’t? I’ve just been to a residents’ meeting and it was great to be part of a conversation between local people, council officers, councillors, the police, schools, all with the shared desire to make things better and work things out. It’s great to see councillors from different parties working together for the good of the community and people from different backgrounds wanting to work together for the same things.

    Despite the negativity we see and hear, one of the most common comments I hear from people who take the time to look properly, is how fantastic the community here is. We do have something special in our community, I couldn’t tell you what exactly it is or where it came from, but it’s here and it’s real, and it’s about people taking control of their lives and making things better.

    I haven’t got a fully developed theological theory for all this, most of the people I work with would not claim any particular level of faith, if any at all. But I can speak of what I see here, and I understand it to be a reflection of something of the Kingdom of God, where the shalom, the wholeness that Jesus speaks of, can be glimpsed. And sometimes, that’s enough to keep you going.




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