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    I’m getting over it and about to stop sulking. I did a last ditch barrel scrape for funds last week (nice noises back, no cash). We now know our budget (2/3 of what we need), we know our timescales. The architect and contractor have gone away to reduce the works to fit the budget. This is likely to mean we can get the outside of the building sorted (roof, windows and the like), and we’ll see what inside work can be afforded. The value engineering will mean, for example, boarding over skylights instead of replacing them, not putting in new ceilings in rooms, re-using cookers and worktops. A bit desperate, but this is where we are at.

    The main thing is that we press on. It’s not ideal but we’ll get done what we can and do the rest as we go along. We will probably break down the different parts of the building into specific projects, the garden, the cafe/kitchen, the community room, offices, etc and then fundraise for each bit. This will mean we will have to be working from an unfinished building for some time, but not much different from a falling apart building I suppose!

    So, watch this space and we’ll keep you updated. We are gearing up to move into the shop units at Craig Croft. It will be a squeeze, but that will make it more interesting! We are appreciative of the support of the council to let us have them which has meant we can continue most of the community groups and keep the office base here for the organisations.




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