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  • What's church then?

    The summer is a season of great hilarity here in Chelmsley as we get groups of kids and young people who are unable to find anything interesting to do. We get them wandering up to the community centre door and looking in. We had one last week come along, I was by the door and he wandered up and leaned round the door and said, what's church then. After considered WWJD and then WTF, I decided I would try and engage him in conversation. As he had a small gaggle of giggling friends at the end of the path throwing things at the buidling I figured his question wasn't really a serious one nor did he wish to discuss ecclesiology. So I told him we do churchy stuff on a Sunday. We then had a slightly odd conversation about the community work and youth activities that we run, but, as he wasn't really interested it wasn't the most animated of discussions. I couldn't work out whether he was very thick (possible), taking the mickey (likely) or both (probable).

    Anyway, as these things do, it made me think.

    What's church then? Is actually a good question because when he asked me this vision of Sunday morning ran through my head and I was thinking, well we meet and sing and sermonise, and I thought, I'm not saying that becasue that's not what we are really about (and it sounds so dull and wierd). So what are we about? I didn't have a quick answer so I rather than having a faith crisis, I thought I'd better get on with my life and go home to have tea, sleep, etc.

    I pondered this after the cat woke me up in the morning by sticking his nose in my mouth and I thought it was a shame I didn't have an answer to give him, even though he didn't really want an answer he was just looking for troublemaking. But what if someone else asked? So I thought and wish I'd said, The church is about helping people connect their mind and their soul, it's about working together on what life's about, not necessarily about making sense of life which (as I suspect this youth knows) is often random and senseless, but church is about finding a path through the senselessness and finding meaning in ourselves and beyond ourselves. Church is about finding your soul and nurturing it.

    I think that answer may well have scared him away.

    Probably, for him, just not telling him to get lost was enough at this moment in time, but I hope he grows up enough to start seeking meaning for himself and to look to his mind and soul.




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