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  • What's it all about (Alfie)?

    It’s actually nothing to do with anyone called Alfie but I can’t resist a lyric. Sometimes you wonder what difference anything makes. The groups and volunteers work hard to keep the community centre running, and they put up with a lot (leaking roofs, unpleasant toilets, etcetara!), and there is a determination to keep it all going. But you'd occasionally think, wouldn’t it be easier to stay at home and watch Jeremy Kyle?

    Anyway, I was reminded today that it is worth it by something someone said. We aren’t very good at being professional here. I like to call it a organic approach, a organisational devlopment consultant might call it Permeable (or inefficient), but we like the way that groups overlap and people mix together and where everyone is (usually) treated as a human being. Not a client, or a customer, or a service user. Our cleaner often brings her children in when she comes to work and they toddle about being cute (and a bit scared of me for some reason). I went in while she was working and there were the kids playing pool with a group and the group are also holding a birthday party during their session for them. What struck me was that someone from the group said, ‘It’s great that she brings the kids in to the group because people normally avoid us like the plague’.

    And then I knew that we get some of the stuff right. If people find they are treated as people here, as part of a family, and they are able to give and take, then we are doing what we set out to achieve. It’s the Hebrew idea of Shalom and the Jesus idea of the Kingdom. It’s all good.




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