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  • What I like about CWBC

    It's a kind of review statement of position. And because sometimes it's just good to say good thing. So here's what I like about CWBC:

    That a retired secretary who grew up in skanky back to backs in Birmingham is able to stand up to a doctor of statistics and make her case and be right. And for him to have the grace and dignity to recognise that

    That our place has got people with fancy degrees from fancy universities and people who got a fail in the university of life.

    That on a lunch club day you have a retired gp volunteering alongside someone with a criminal record, and there is no issue, in fact no-one even notices.

    I love that.

    On a Sunday everyone jostles in and the kids run about and you've got people who, if you applied their stereotype, should be tutting and saying how it's disrespectful, but they let the kids carry on because they understand that something bigger is going on here.

    You have people who theologically should be sucking their teeth and disapproving of the heretics, and others who should be laughing and telling the others to be sensible and look at the facts. But they don't, because they get that God is bigger than our theology and what we live is far more important than what we say we believe.

    I love that.

    A small church that punches above its weight, that the community looks to, listens to and shapes, that has fun, and also has fights. A church that should have faded away years ago, but with the help of Home Mission and HEBA, friends, and a bunch of determined, bloody minded Jesus followers who wouldn't let it go, kept on.

    We've still got a long way to. We hope so anyway. We haven't finished sorting out the building, and we long to get that done so we can have some fun with our faith and outreach, without the building drawing our attention and draining our resources. But we're confident we'll get there. God has held us in his hand so far and we're confident he won't let us go now.




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Neil (the minister) occasionally gets round to blogging so welcome to the trivia and ramblings of an erratic stream of consciousness.

Because we try to be properly Baptist, these views aren't necessarily the views of everyone who is part of the church family here.

We're not even sure they're Neil's.

Either way, we try not to fall out over it.

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