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  • Why people don't like the church....

    A new subject. Arising predominantly from my own angst with the church institution. People don’t like the church, and to be honest, I’m often not keen. I know it’s God’s chosen method, shame he couldn’t come with something better but you know the saying about chicken soup (if you don’t, I’m not telling you). At its best the church is very good, compassionate, caring, world changing. It has done this in the past (and in some places is still doing so). But too often it comes across as bigotted, stuck in the past, money grabbing and manipulative.

    So every now and then i’ll ramble on about why I think people don’t like the church and how we try to be different to that. It’s not that we’re better or seperate from the church. We’re not, but we are trying to be different so that we can become a place where people are more important than dogma and relationships more important than rituals. We want to be a place where all kinds of people are welcomed and accepted (especially those not accepted in other churches) and where people journey together spiritually.

    We think that’s what Jesus was about, and we know that we are not the only church that thinks like this.




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