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    We have sweated, cried and worked to get this far. I’m not griping, it’s just that how it is. We’re not the sort of church where you put out an appeal and get back £50k. Some days that sounds like it would be great, but the reality isn’t. I’ve yet to see a church that has got people, resources and vision in balance, ourselves included.

    So we’re tackling our building problem a bit at a time. But it is the why and the because that keeps us going with it.

    Why do we do it, because this is a good and interesting place to be. Because all around us are good people, as well as hurting people. Because we believe that the world can be a better place if we can work together and bring community and hope here. We also believe life has a spiritual dimension and that is important. Occasionally we get accused of not pushing this enough. The danger is that the spiritual stuff starts to become a condition, but we believe in unconditional love. We are part of our community, and we love our community. Of course we want people to share the goodness we have found in faith, but we don’t expect it nor insist on it. What happens here is, from our understanding, a taste of God’s kingdom, where you can experience hope, love, change, community and a whole of other things. Whether you choose to see them as spiritual or faith related is up to you.

    Thanks to everyone who’s shared the journey with us so far. Stick with us, things are still on the up. If you believe in it, pray for us as well (in fact, even if you don’t believe in it, pray for us anyway). To get through the next couple of phases to give us the building, the community home, we want to see here.

    And pray for our community, the good, the bad and the in-betweens. That we will see transformation and change here, not just in the floor coverings but in people’s lives.




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Neil (the minister) occasionally gets round to blogging so welcome to the trivia and ramblings of an erratic stream of consciousness.

Because we try to be properly Baptist, these views aren't necessarily the views of everyone who is part of the church family here.

We're not even sure they're Neil's.

Either way, we try not to fall out over it.

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