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    In keeping with the church tradition of being bang up to date, here’s some of my ponderings from the Olympics and Paralympics. It is a long time after the event but I thought they were fabulous. I’ve never watched sport before in my life, and never watched the Olympics so it was an eye-opener for me. I rediscovered vicariousness. Which made me look the word up, which is about enjoying something that someone else has done. Which made me look at what vicars are, which then got me into theological pondering over how vicars do stuff on behalf of others, which doesn’t fit my ecclesiology/understanding of what following Jesus is all about at all as we are not meant to need priests anymore. But that’s by the by (no disrespect to those in the ‘priesthood’, let’s not cause another schism).

    Anyway, back to the plot. One of the medal winners said, ’it’s like winning the lottery, but having worked for it’, which I thought was nice. And then I started thinking about winning the lottery and my communist/republican (not American Republican) leanings and the royal family and all that bitterness/envy/justified outrage (depending on your perspective) I feel towards them. Basically, if you’re a member of the royal family, you just won the lottery when you were born and I should get over it. Just as I don’t resent lottery winners, they got lucky, their character and the morality of it isn’t really a factor, the situation just is.

    Anyway, to get back to the plot again, I found myself not just rooting for team GB but for pretty much anyone! I’m not especially known for my emotion but I did get emotional (in a contained and mature way you understand) over Greg Rutherford, after he won he just listed all the things in his life that he was so happy about and it was great. Ellie Simmonds, Uganda winning the marathon, Laura Trott, the Ukraine being shoved into fourth place on a scoring technicality, Victoria Pendleton, Mo Farah. the emotion of it all was really quite something. It was nice for my cynicism to have a break. Unfortunately we didn’t have a telly when the paralympics started, although it wasn’t as ubiquitous as the Olympics (can something be less ubiquitous or is that like being nearly unique?).

    I thought the coverage was generally good (not that the BBC care about my opinions) although some of it stood out, like asking one of the winners if his dead father was with him or saying about a marathon runner at the end of the race ‘he’s tired’. I guess after all those hours of commentary you run out of things to say (and I should know, I’ve meant to come up with something interesting every Sunday).

    That’s it really, if you got this far, you’ve just had a stream of consciousness, I hope you enjoyed it.

    And well done Team GB, and Team everyone else.




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